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RM 880.00

YoYoskeel 2020 brings you an all new TITANIUM High end yo-yo!

The S.Ti.M is a very new yo-yo with new concept shape of wide gap and small yo-yo diameter.

With collaboration with our professional titanium yo-yo expert Jazzyo, he managed to tune this piece of art to perfection.

The S.Ti.M not only provides you a great stability with ultra long spin time, it also gives you a steam and sensational sound when you play. The smoothness of the high grade stainless steel concave ball bearing doubles up the speed of the yo-yo. The weight is also tested numerous time, providing you the best and solid throw with a good and tight bind.

In addition, the S.Ti.M smaller diameter body with a wide gap fits perfectly on your hand, totally different from all the other titanium yo-yos out there.

Definitely a worth to try for this amazing price.

There's no other Titanium yo-yos out there with such shape and stability at this affordable price. Definitely worth your pocket.